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Using language models trained on millions of journal articles, Writefull corrects grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and more - aimed specifically at research writing.


Publishers: Join our webinar 'Applying AI language editing using Writefull'. Learn how Writefull can make your publishing processes more efficient, and hear from @Hindawi how they piloted Writefull! Sign up here.

In an effort to help knowledge sharing on #Coronavirus, @CambridgeUP has collaborated with Writefull to streamline publication of COVID-19 papers. CUP offers Writefull’s language check for free to authors submitting COVID-19-related manuscripts - read more.

Writefull has been successfully piloted by Hindawi! Read here how the first pilot results show Writefull helps both author and publisher.

Receive better-written manuscripts.

Speed up language editing.

Writefull improves the language of manuscripts

Manuscripts are often of poor language quality, leading to immediate rejections or lengthy language editing processes.

Writefull helps authors and copy editors to quickly improve the language of manuscripts. Authors use Writefull to revise their texts before submission. For you as a publisher, this means faster screening and higher acceptance rates. Copy editors use Writefull to speed up the screening and language editing of submitted manuscripts.

How authors use Writefull

From the manuscript submission page, authors are invited to use Writefull for a language check. They upload their document to Writefull, and Writefull shows them their manuscript with language feedback in-line. The authors revise their manuscript and continue to the journal to submit.

The video below shows how authors can use Writefull before submission.

How (copy) editors use Writefull

Editors and copy editors can upload submitted manuscripts to Writefull. Writefull then shows a report with metrics on the manuscripts’ language quality, with language suggestions in-line. This facilitates the initial screening of newly submitted manuscripts as well as the copy editing of manuscripts that have been accepted. Copy editors can accept suggestions with a single click, and download a revised version of the manuscript when ready.

Writefull for publishers.

Why Writefull

Using Artificial Intelligence

Writefull does not rely on grammar rules. Instead, it uses language models, following the latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence. As a result, Writefull catches many more errors than other writing feedback tools.

Writefull uses AI.
Writefull is tailored to science.

Tailored to the language of science

Writefull’s language models have been trained on millions of peer-reviewed journal articles. Thanks to this, Writefull spots it when an author’s writing does not follow the expected patterns of academic language. This can indicate mistakes in, for example, grammar or punctuation.

Thorough language check

Writefull corrects general language features, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but also assesses ‘sciency’ characteristics, such as word use and style. Feedback on all language features is tailored to academic writing.

Writefull language features.
Writefull integration.

Easy integration

Integrating Writefull into your website or publishing platform is easy. All you need to do is add a message to your web page that invites authors to use Writefull, with a link to the tool.

Contact us

Interested in Writefull? Contact us for a demo at publishers@writefull.com.

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Writefull is science, AI, and linguistics.

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