How to get the Writefull for Word add-in

Important Note: As Writefull is a relatively new app provider, Windows might alert you that it is an unrecognized application by showing the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. If this happens, click More info, and then Run anyway to continue the installation (see the screens below).

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The add-in has been digitally signed (with a code-signing certificate), so you can make sure it comes from us: "Writefull BV".

Writefull's language feedback

Writefull’s AI-driven models are trained on millions of scientific papers. This makes its language suggestions tailored to academic writing.


If your words don’t suit their sentence, or if word combinations are off, Writefull offers you alternatives.

Writefull uses AI.
Writefull uses AI.


No need to worry about grammar. Writefull checks your use of prepositions, articles, verb and noun forms, and more.


Scientific writing has a style of its own. Writefull tells you if your language is inappropriate or too wordy.

Writefull uses AI.
Writefull uses AI.


Punctuation marks like commas make a text readable. Writefull corrects any overuse, underuse, or misuse of punctuation.


Writefull has the most complete scientific dictionary to date. Thanks to this, it corrects even your discipline-specific terms.

Writefull uses AI.

Writefull’s article database

Browse millions of scientific papers to see how other authors have written things.

Writefull is tailored to science.

Comparison of words and phrases

A quick comparison shows you how often two words or phrases are used, and in what contexts.

Words in context

To help you complete a sentence, Writefull lists what words other academics have used most often in that specific context.

Writefull language features.
Writefull language features.

Synonyms in context

Writefull shows you what synonyms of a word are often used in a sentence. This helps you avoid repetitive word use.

Writefull’s collection of example sentences

Writefull for Word offers the ‘Sentence Palette’: a searchable collection of sentences and phrases that are commonly used in scientific papers. This helps the structuring and writing of any text.

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